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Lake Glenbawn, Scone

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Photos supplied by Katrina Partridge


Scone Aero Club is holding its Open Day this Saturday 31st of May. The day will feature a variety of aircraft, Trial Introductory Flights (TIFs) for budding pilots and a sausage sizzle for lunch. Bring a friend and support the Club !!

The Club would like to welcome it’s new Chief Flying Instructor (CFI) Michael Jackson. The son of prominent Club Member Dave “Jacko” Jackson, Michael has taken over the role of CFI from recently retired President Neville Partridge. Michael began flying lessons with Scone Aero Club in 1993 at the age of 12 and has gone on to hold many positions in the aviation industry, finally completing a Bachelor of Science and Aviation at the University of Newcastle in 2007. The Club is thrilled that “Jacko Jnr” has returned to Scone to take on the role. Welcome Michael!!

Neville Partridge has retired as President of the Scone Aero Club effective 30 December, 2013. Neville was farewelled by many at the Club’s XMAS party and recognised by Acting President Peter Blake for his many achievements. Resigning also was Secretary James Goodwin and long time Barman Bernard Cronin. All 3 members will remain part of the Club but their expertise will be missed.

XMAS Party Friday 20th december - Save the Date !! Our Xmas party on Friday 20th December will conclude the club's activities for 2013. Great food and music will be provided, so bring along some friends and help make our last night a happy and relaxed evening. We really would appreciate numbers in by the 16th December. Suzanne M. 0417 678 217 or Rosemary 6545 3534 or email admin@sconeaeroclub.com.au if you’d like to attend.

Geoff Shopland’s Corby Starlett had its maiden flight on Saturday, with David Rowe at the controls. David took the Corby up and out to the training area to perform a series of tests, along with 3 take-offs and landings. David reported that the Corby performed well, although a little twitchy on the tarmac. Stall 34kts indicated, cruise about 110kts. Geoff was thrilled to have the Corby back in the air.

Dave Jackson won the flying comp by a huge margin last weekend from Ben Hodges and Robert Brayley. Jacko nailed the cross hairs in a perfect touch-down and scored well on the following circuit to claim 90 points, well in front of Robert Brayley and Ben Hodges who tied on 40 points each.


On June 19, Dexter Burkill flew in his 300kg plane from his Denman farm to Tasmania to retrieve the Come and Get It Trophy (CAGIT).

“It’s a trophy set up by Recreational Aviation Australia to encourage pilots to go on trips, flying a minimum of 100 nm across Australia to get the trophy,” said Mr Burkill. “I’ve known about it ever since I’ve been a pilot. The trophy adds a bit of interest to flying and gives you an excuse to go somewhere and meet new people. When a pilot has made the journey to the trophy’s location, they take it home and the next pilot must collect it from them”.

Before Mr Burkill collected the trophy, it had been in Tasmania for 16 months.

“I’ve wanted to fly across Bass Strait and knowing the trophy was there was a catalyst [for my trip],” he said. “It was great, I thought it’d be fairly daunting but as it turned out it wasn’t. There is a bit of necessary preparation before one can travel so far by plane. You do all your navigation planning, we struck really good weather on the trip,” he said.

Mr Burkill has been flying for five years and is an active member of Scone Aero Club.

“It’s never too late to learn a new skill” Mr Burkill said. “There are 70-year-olds learning to fly. I’d dreamed of being a pilot since I was a kid,” he told Hunter Valley News.

“It’s like a big family- the flying scene. I encourage anyone who’s ever got an inkling to get in touch with Scone Aero Club. It’s great and no longer expensive.”

He may be the new possessor of the famous trophy, but this isn’t the end of Mr Burkill’s flying days.

“I’ll definitely fly back [to Tasmania] again,” he said.

Article courtesy of Betina Hughes, Hunter Valley News, Wed 10th July, 2013

Have some fun and hone your skills !! Flying Comps have moved to the 3rd Sunday of each month rather than Saturdays. Feedback from members has suggested Sunday is the preferred day for most people. The Club encourages participation in the Comps to have some fun and hone your skills !! Flying members are invited to use their own plane or hire the Club’s Foxbat. Contact Dave Jackson each month for details on 0429 966 989, always a fun day !!

XMAS in July has been moved to Friday 12th July. Please save the date for what’s shaping up to be a terrific night !!

Once a month is Meal Night. Click on the Calendar or Suzanne Henderson on 0417 678 217 for details. Bring a friend and support the club!

Mosquito / NZ trip. Several members of the Scone Aero Club visited New Zealand in January to attend the Wings Over Wiararapa airshow at the Hood Aerodrome outside Masterdon. Club President Neville Partridge hailed the trip an enormous success as they witness the worlds only flying example of the Mosquito aeroplane in action, along with a variety of other planes. Attending the trip along with Neville was Brian Hill, Geoff Shopland, Ian Nunn, Peter Blake and Alan Henderson. Click here for photos.

Dave Jackson completes Navs. Congratulations to David Jackson who recently completed his Cross Country Endorsement. Jacko’s test flight was Scone, Maitland, Warnervale, Howes Valley, an unplanned diversion to Warkworth then back to Scone. Well done Jacko !!

Shannon McGowan commences instructor rating. Shannon McGowan has commenced training to gain his instructor rating. The Club supports Shannon in his endeavours and will be excited to have Shannon as an instructor for the Club.

Pay’s Air Service triumphs in the season final. Pay’s Air Service has taken out the 2012 Scone Aero Club v Pay’s Air Service Cricket Challenge. The Pay’s boys again showed superior grace and flare in the season final of the Cricket Challenge to win by one run. Scone Aero Club especially thanks the Eveleigh and Brooks boys for supporting the Club on the day.


Scone Aero Club welcomes new members Darryl Crackett and Tony Howard. Darryl is based in Murrurundi and is about to commence lessons to obtain his RAA licence. Tony Howard is based in Wollongong and flies a bright red Bushby Mustang – you won’t miss him ! The Club is pleased to have both Darryl and Tony as new members.